Friday, April 7, 2017

Miss, Want To Try Our 2008?


Today is Friday so the office is quiet already at this hour. Everybody is rushing to be with their beloved ones, just like me. But I took one step further when I spent my morning with the beloved ones haha so I've to balik lambat haha

I went to a mall to get me some hardware equipment for my current project. Masa tengah jalan kalut kalut dalam mall tu, I was stopped by a salesman. A car salesman. A Pe*****t car salesman. Wow, never in my life haha. Not even Perodua before.

Maybe.. sebab.. I'm wearing a RM10 Pucci tudung, muka bulat style with a knot (mengaji zaman budak-budak style) makes me look like a royalty?

"Miss, we are having promotion blaa blaaa. You can try test drive our 2008 model"

I was like hehe oh it's okay thank you.

I don't know whether he has taken the right step to approach me. Kalau beli, habis licin gaji bahaha

Just my kind advise to anybody who's getting the first job after graduation, do not buy expensive car. You think RM2k is big enough already?

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