Thursday, December 1, 2016

Long Lost World

Salam and hi!

I was looking for images to be used for my works. Then I came across great images that caught my eyes and mind. Tetiba, teringat pulak zaman berfotografi. Family and closed friends, they know how much I love photography. My first digital camera was Olympus (can't remember the model). It's a compact camera. That was a gift for my PMR results from my parents.

I was so excited! And I get to know about Photoshop. CS lagi masa tu. Then masuk matriks, join geng media KMK. Got so much knowledge and valuable experience :)

In UTeM, I was appointed as Secretary of Media & Photography Club UTeM tehee. But, technically I was not active la. I just did formal jobs like preparing paperworks etc. That time onward, dah mula tak aktif :(

Until now.

None of the captured image was uploaded online. Banyak collection, just malas nak publish.

Ah, good old time :)

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