Saturday, January 23, 2016

Team, We're Set To Go!

Salam and hi!

Reached my kampung yesterday’s night and enjoying every seconds in home. Nice to wake up on my bed, stepped to corridor and breathing fresh air with good sensual kampong odour.
Today might be the last day I will not think about my on-going final year project. I’ve not known the true meaning of semester break since second year. In the second year, we have implemented Engineering Practice, in third year, it was Industrial Training (haven’t blogged about this!) and now, yeah it is all about Final Year Project! 

My former workplace. 'Worked' as a Test Officer uhuk. 

Talking about this hectic life, 2015 has been a very busy year which has taught me many lessons of life.

One of them ; TEAM WORK/SPIRIT

If you’re in engineering field, there are plenty of assigned task which require you to work in TEAM! Yup.. just like the other courses. The difference is, when working in team, you must be REALLY WORKING IN TEAM.


Man, the assigned tasks were not mainly about research, finding contents from books/journals and prepare a report. It includes brains storming, drafting, constructive plan, details on technical stuffs, calculation and preparing a proper technical report and presentation.

Alhamdulillah, my group mates were all great!

We had good discussions, very relaxing and informal. Cuma kadang-kadang ada la sikit scene emo emo. Hehe well perempuan kan.

When working in a team, one thing, always be responsive. Able to work independently but still a good team player. During these 3 years and half of undergoing my degree, I have learnt that always be there for my team. Never leave the squad. Once you’re set in the battle, you must die or live together with your squad members. Never be backed out. It’s not only about getting the task to be completed, but all members must be benefited and learn something from it. 

For me, that is the main thing ; LEARNING.

Another is always never shy or afraid to ask for help whenever you need it. I have so many genius friends and very helpful. I’m very grateful as they have helped us whenever we need the help. Alhamdulillah J

Serious discussion, man.

Till then, good people!

Thursday, January 14, 2016

2015 Highlights

Salam and hi!,Iylia? It's already 14th day in 2016 and you're only about to post the highlights of the previous year?


2015 has been a ummmm quite good year for me.

In this year ;

  • Being a final year student of Bachelor in Electronics Engineering (Computer Engineering), UTeM
  • My only sister married to her dream man.
  • Implemented industrial training in SIRIM Berhad
  • My BFF, Nina graduated her degree in Geology, UKM

There a lot more good things happened in 2015, which will not be enough space to be listed here hehe. Yes a lot of issues too, but I choose to cheer the good moments only!

Rindu la budak berdua ni. Tunggu kakak Ayang balik Penang okay?