Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Life's Better :)

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Hi, long time no post kan.
Within that period, memacam dah jadi.
The most significant is..... I have moved into a new house!!

My new home is located in Taman Muszafar Shah, Ayer Keroh.
Well, I love this house way better than the old one.
From its accessibility, to the current housemates.
Something that I called, a GREAT ESCAPE.

Well, we will never go anywhere if we don't make any move.

Seronok tinggal sini. A very quiet place.. No much noise coming from the road  and people.
Walaupun belakang rumah, hutan. But it's okay, as long as the security precautions are taken, then everything should be alright, if Allah wills it.
Lagipun ada jaga yang round every 15 minutes,
Parking keta pun just nice, dah tak kena marah dengan jiran jiran.
Memalam pun sejuk je.. Nak bangun pi kelas, I usually took half an hour dulu untuk cuddling.. ekekekekek.

So glad living with my current housemates. 3 of them are my classmates, teman suka duka luah perasaan.
Balik kelas pun happy je nak balik rumah.

ps : Sometime, in life, it's worth for losing some people. Because without them, we got one less problem..